Try Scuba Diving all year!

Ever thought “wow that looks amazing, wish I could do that” when watching underwater films on TV, well now is your chance. Why not enrol on one of our PADI Discover Scuba Dive sessions, you need to be minimum 10 yrs old and guess what? no maximum age; recently a guy broke the world record and dived when he was 95!! So what’s your excuse?? And you don’t need to be Superman or Wonder Women to do it either; just reasonably fit and healthy. You will need to fill out a simple medical questionnaire before getting wet and even if you do answer yes to one of the questions that don’t necessarily preclude you from diving, all you need to do is speak with your GP and get him to sign a simple form to say in their opinion you are fit to go diving. Once in the water, you will be amazed how easy it is to swim and breath underwater, wow! a new world suddenly opening up in front of your eyes.

We start off with kitting you up, making sure all the equipment fits like a glove. Then we give you an extensive safety briefing and tell you exactly what to expect. Then we take you down to the beautiful Playa Chica bay, a nice sheltered bay with a gentle sandy slope, perfect for beginners. We start off kneeing down in water shallow enough to stand up in and then after completing a couple simple exercises and you are comfortable, we swim off a little deeper to explore the beautiful bay and all the wonderful creatures that live there.

All this in the company of one of our very experienced Instructors. We keep our groups small so you get individual attention.

Try it, you will never forget it but be warned it may change your life!

And for those a little too young for this we offer PADI Bubblemaker, they only need to be 8 yrs old to try this, again they can do this in playa Chica and see all those fishes they’ve seen in Finding Nemo. Maximum depth for this experience is 2mtrs and we only take 1 participant to 1 instructor. Start them young, they will love it!

Take advantage of our online offers and use it all year.

See you in the water!!!


Canary Island Divers


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