The underwater Museum Lanzarote ” Museo Atlántico” has been conceived as a place to promote education and preserve and protect the marine and natural environment as an integral part of the system of human values. Jason deCaires Tayor sends us a latent message in his work: the defence of the oceans.
This museum project will create a huge artificial reef made up of a series of pH neutral cement sculptures which, over time, will help the marine biomass flourish and facilitate the reproduction of species on the island.

The museum is located at approximately 12 metres depth, in clear waters off the south coast of Lanzarote, in the Bay of Las Coloradas. An area chosen primarily for the physical characteristics of the underwater environment, covering an area of 2,500 square meters that will be accessible for divers, and will become a focus of tourist and cultural attention.

The creation of the monumental Museo Atlántico project by artist Jason deCaires Taylor aspires to create a strong visual dialogue between art and nature. Designed with a conservationist approach to generate an artificial reef on a large scale, since its first installations in 2016, it has already achieved a considerable increase in rates of species generation and abundance, being currently frequented by angel sharks, barracuda banks, sardines, octopuses, sea sponges, and the occasional butterfly ray.

The museum, which occupies on área of 50 x 50 metres of sandy seabed devoid of life is built with environmentally friendly neutral pH materials, and all the pieces have been designed to adapt to endemic marine life. 

The museum begins its journey in an entrance, and ends in an exit. It is formed by ten facilities that aspire to reflect the contemporaneity, making us question the use of natural resources.

Source: CACT Lanzarote

Atlantic Museum Lanzarote

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