Peter´s IDC experience.

Our customers experiences, Peter´s IDC.

When we first arrived at the Canary Island Divers dive centre we were told that it would be our home for the following 10 days leading up to the IE. 

This was exactly what it felt like when we all completed the IE 12 days later. You felt welcome during the entire course and Kev, Cat and Manu  made it their number one priority to make us feel, comfortable, answer all our questions and by no means least make us feel well prepared for the IE. 

The structure of the course was very well put together. The IDC  was an intense 10-day course leading up to the two days examine. We learned a lot in a very short time and just as you felt you got your footing on one thing, you were introduced to something new. Normally this could be a stressful thing but in this case, it wasn’t because the structure and correct method was introduced to us from the beginning and was carried out the same way for the rest of the program. We were never bored because of the constant transition into the next skills and we never felt lost as Kev made sure everybody understood what needed to be done. 

This resulted in everybody feeling comfortable and capable in all areas of the IDC towards the end. This also showed in the IE were everybody passed with good marks and a happy examiner. 

You felt through the course that the staff at CID has a great passion towards educating new instructors and this rubbed off on the students. We were told in the beginning that we even might have some fun doing the course, and there is no doubt in my mind that I had a lot of fun, I learned a lot, it was very rewarding and I feel both prepared and comfortable starting to teach my first open water students.

Thank you Kev, Cat and Manu. I would highly recommend everyone considering doing the IDC to do it at Canary Island Divers. 

And if you want to change your life and become a PADI Diving instructor (the worlds largest scuba diving training organisation) join us on our next IDC scheduled to start on May the 18th. You will never regret it. 

All you have to be is a PADI Divemaster If you are not a PADI Divemaster but a dive professional from another recognised diver trainer organisation, not to worry you can also sign up for a cross-over to PADI, contact us for further details.

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