Snorkelling in Lanzarote

If you want to enjoy the underwater world without having to submerge yourself then snorkelling is the best aquatic activity you can do.
By snorkelling you can be in contact with nature without needing to be an expert swimmer and without any previous experience.
It is a perfect activity to practice with friends or family, as it is suitable for all ages.
Snorkelling is an activity that does not require an unusual physical condition, so it can be enjoyed by majority of people.
There is no minimum or maximum age, so it can enjoyed by all.
Before entering the water we will explain everything you need to know about the activity, including the equipment you will use and marine fauna that we will find. You will be provided with all necessary equipment: mask and snorkel, fins and wetsuit.
Your snorkel guide will also have a floatation device with them so you can ensure you will remain comfortable at all times whilst exploring the bay of Playa Chica, and there is also the opportunity to rent one of our cameras to capture those snorkelling shots!
The snorkelling experience lasts approximately two and a half hours in which you will be accompanied by one of our snorkel guides at all times.
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